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Section 4. The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council shall consist of five (5) voting faculty members appointed annually by the principal. (Article VII, Section 1)


No principal or assistant principal may be included on the Faculty Council. (Article VII, Section 1)


The term of the Faculty Council shall be one year. Members may be appointed to consecutive terms. (Article VII, Section 2)


The Faculty Council shall meet at least once a year to review the procedures of the chapter, select members, and to consider nonselection, dismissal, other disciplinary actions, and warning cases. (Article VII, Section 3)


The Faculty Council shall develop and revise, when necessary, all chapter procedures for selection, discipline, and dismissal of members, all of which must remain in compliance with the National Honor Society Constitution and policies. (Article VII, Section 4)



Section 1.

The control of this organization shall be vested in the Seymour High School principal working in cooperation with the chapter Faculty Council.


Section 2. The Principal

The principal shall appoint members of the faculty as Chapter Advisers, who may serve consecutive terms. (Article V, Section 2)


The principal shall annually appoint a Faculty Council composed of five members of the faculty who may serve consecutive terms. No principal or assistant principal may be a member of the Faculty Council. (Article V, Section 3)


The principal shall receive appeals in cases of nonselection of candidates, and the disciplining or dismissal of members. (Article V, Section 4)