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President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter
Josiah Rudge Anna Carter Laura Koester Cameron Deppen Mackenzie Taylor


Section 1.

The president shall chair all business meetings, prepare a calendar and meeting agendas, oversee all activities of the chapter, organize the induction ceremony in cooperation with the Chapter Adviser(s), hold regular executive committee meetings for the purpose of planning and coordinating chapter activities, and serve as the official representative of the chapter at school and community functions. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees.


Section 2.

The vice president shall chair business meetings in the absence of the president, serve as chief assistant to the president in all chapter functions, and serve as chair of the chapter service project committee. The vice president shall also oversee the record of members’ service and volunteer contributions.


Section 3.

The secretary shall keep minutes and attendance records for all executive and chapter meetings.


Section 4.

The treasurer shall oversee the record of business expenses, dues, and all other financial transactions of the chapter.


Section 5.

The reporter is responsible for all official correspondence and shall serve as a representative of the chapter as deemed appropriate by the president. The reporter shall publicize all chapter service and social activities.